Friday, November 14, 2008

College Newspaper vs. Local Newspaper

I just read an article on UWIRE, which says employers favor local newspaper experience more than college newspaper experience. I disagree. I understand why they say this (because future newsrooms will be more similar to the local newsroom), but college newspapers provide students with passion. There will be more opportunities to see and work on many parts of the paper with a college newspaper compared to working on a local paper. I think UGA's The Red and Black is wonderful and would prepare students with great experience.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stores Closing

Looks like a lot of agencies just lost a lot of clients...

I got a forwarded email today with a list of stores to stray away from this Christmas as far as gift card purchasing goes. Everything from some locations of JCPenny's, Talbots, Home Depot, and even Sharper Image have been closed. It was unbelievable.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Declining Internet Ad Sales?!

We talked in class today about how website sales have decreased! WHAT!? The internet is still up and coming. Shouldn't it be increasing! Where are the advertising dollars going? Or are they even going anywhere. The bad economy is effecting places I wouldn't have expected to see it show up in quite yet. I always saw the internet supplying infinate numbers of opportunities to make money with ad dollars! Yahoo just cut 10% of employees. That is 1,500 people!

What next? I think the internet still has a lot to offer....opportunities people have yet to come up with. Let's just get this economy going and maybe by the time I graduate I can be a part of making it happen!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ad Age's Marketer of the Year

According to Ad Age Obama has been named Marketer of the Year. I find this very fascinating now that the elections are roughly two weeks away. I asked myself why Obama? Why not McCain. The election this year is the biggest one in my opinion in history. We have not only a black candidate for President but also a woman running with McCain. Whoever wins, this election will go down in history as a significant milestone. I won't go into politics and which man I feel will do best as the next president for our country, but I would like to briefly write about the fact the Marketer of the year is one of the two men running to be the leader of the country. The article says he went from not being known, a name no one had heard of, to the democratic candidate. Right under Obama in the vote was Apple. Apple has done some great things recently. The Apple phone has gotten even more advanced and the products they are planning for the future are mind blowing. Not to mention, their advertising efforts are very creative. For a person to win over this dynamic product is interesting. I don't necessarily think Obama should have won over Apple, but when it comes down to it I think it's kind of cool. It reminds me of when Time Magazine named "You" or us as the American people as the person of the year. We really have come a long way... the future has a lot to offer. Obama has definitely come a long way in this campaign. He has some pretty good marketers/advertisers on his team apparently..

The Beginning

Inspired by Toby Bloomberg creator of Diva Marketing -

After one of my "Advertising Lecture Series" classes I realized that it is important to not only understand the opportunities and facts of the expanding social media world but to also get involved. I am excited to embark on this new journey through the rest of my time as an Advertsing student at UGA and explore the "blog world" and other social media networks. I hope by keeping this blog I will be able to see this area grow even further and at the same time research for myself other industry news and ad trends!

Let's start exploring!